About GeoForum

GeoForum brings together the players in geospatial, GIS and geoinformatics in Finland. We promote cooperation between experts and organizations that produce and use geospatial data. These are companies, public administration, educational and research institutions.

GeoForum offers its members and stakeholders the opportunity for cooperation and interaction in order to utilize and develop expertise. Through an active network, the association represents the geospatial industry, increases the understanding of the importance of geospatial information, and participates in the preparation of development projects and social decisions.

The operation of the network is managed by GeoForum Finland ry, which is a non-profit public benefit association. The actual members of the association enable the operation of services and administration.

You can contact GeoForum Finland at info@geoforum.fi.

GeoForum Finland ry

The association was established as a measure of the Spatial Information Policy report approved by the Parliament on 28 November 2018. The independent association is non-profit and registered on August 19, 2020 to continue the operation of the Geospatial Network previously maintained by the National Land Survey.

The association’s activities are managed by the executive director under the guidance of the board. The association may employ part-time assistants. The association organizes an annual general meeting for its members. In addition, the operation is guided by a broad-based steering group consisting of industry players.


Fostering cooperation

The association creates value for its members by maintaining a platform that enables cooperation and by providing a pathway to knowledge, know-how and solutions.

Industry representation

Through strong influence, the association acts as a recognized representative of the geospatial information industry and increases the understanding of the importance of geospatial information in society.

Promotion of development

The association participates in the preparation of development projects and decisions and helps to create joint projects across administrative and industry boundaries.